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This website uses Flash. You can view it on you iPad or iPhone by following these suggestions.

Did you know that your iPad can actually play back Flash-based eLearning courses and presentations? Even though the native support of Flash is not provided on iPads and iPhones, there is more than one way to use either of the devices.



Flash Web Browser for iPad

We have tested several so-called Flash web browsers for iPad to see how these applications handle the lessons and quizzes on this website. The browsers are ranked according to their overall usability and functionality:


Puffin browser stands at the top of this group in terms of both usability and affordability. Available free of charge at AppStore, Puffin promptly handles Flash projects including audio, video, interactivity, and quizzes. All QuizMaker question categories are supported, including type-in and drag-and-drop questions. Drag-and-drop is performed with a two-finger tap on a touchpad emulator.

The playback of large video and audio files can be rather slow. English is the only supported language for type-in questions.

Appsverse Photon

The Photon browser allows switching between Flash browsing mode and a faster non-Flash mode. This browser provides the smoothest video playback in the group. It also supports interactivity, and fairly supports quizzes and iSpring Kinetics interactions. Drag-and-drop is performed with a finger tap.

Despite smooth video playback, all interactions are performed quite slowly in the browser. Unless you are viewing a large Flash project, switching between two modes can be inconvenient. English is the only supported language for type-in questions as well.


This Flash web browser handles audio and video narrations and project's interactive items as well. It also has the drag-and-drop feature, performed with a finger tap. iSwifter offers a 10-minute free trial session for 7 days and then has to be purchased at AppStore for $4.99.

iSwifter's reaction to your actions is performed with lags. The browser often has issues and errors while displaying the web page. It also doesn't support non-English languages. The browser can only be used on iPads.

Cloud Browse

CloudBrowse has the familiar interface of a desktop browser. Browser's reaction to clicks is quite smooth. It also supports video, audio, interactivity and drag-and-drop. If you purchase the basic CloudBrowse app for $2.99, they provide a free 24-hour trial of their unlimited subscription.

CloudBrowse doesn't adapt a web page to fit the screen of your device. If the web page is too wide to fit the screen, you will have to move it to view the contents. Presentations are played with a low frame rate, which results in slower animations and video playback. Drag-and-drop is performed with a two-finger tap, which may be inconvenient for dragging small items. Small objects can be magnified, but is becomes impossible to drop them beyond the magnified area.

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New course offering

Tactical ASL

An introduction to ASL for EMTs, Police and Firemen to assess the comunication abilities and then make decisions on the best way to communicate in an emergency.

This course is the first to be republished in mobile friendly format with no Adobe flash requirements.