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Bill's biography

Great to meet you!


I go by "Dr. Bill."
My students also sometimes call me "Dr. V" or "Dr. Vicars."  (Hey, I'm flexible.)



I'm president and owner of the Lifeprint Institute, a consultation business focusing on technology-enhanced delivery of ASL Instruction, excursion-based instruction (trips to amusement parks, grin), and extended-immersion-based program coordination (intense two-week residencies).

For my "day job" I am full-time tenured associate-professor of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies at a university in Sacramento, California.

I am "Deaf/hh." That means I am hard-of-hearing and choose to live in the Deaf World (e.g. marry a Deaf woman, use ASL, work in the Deaf-Studies field, worship at a Deaf church, devote my time to developing ASL-related resources for others, etc.).

I learned ASL as a youth from a Deaf woman (Kathy Hadfield-Erwin) who lived in the same small town (Brigham City, Utah) where I grew up.

Forgive this next bit of information (I share it because some people want to know their instructor's qualifications).

Some of my degrees and certifications (past and/or present) include:

Ed.D. (Education Doctorate) in Deaf Studies/Deaf Education from Lamar University (accredited), Masters in Deaf Education (accredited), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), A+ (COMPTia Computer Technician), N+ (Network Technician), EdNet (Distance Education Certificate), and ASLTA certification (American Sign Language Teachers Association).

As you can see, I enjoy learning.  Next, I'm thinking about becoming a licensed travel agent to be better prepared to set up "ASL immersion" trips to interesting places all over the world.

Some of my current and/or past experiences and qualifications include:

- Over 20 years experience as a university-level ASL instructor

- Authored and self-published "Sign Me Up!"  (A really cool 212-page ASL Guide and activity book. Sold out, sorry, but I turned it into the Lifeprint website.)

- Directed an Interpreter Training Program for Davis County School District (UT)

- Co-chaired the Disability Law Center's Consumer Advisory Council (UT)

- Elected and served a term as a board member of the Utah Association for the Deaf

- Parent of a child who attended the Utah State School for the Deaf pre-school program

- Set up and directed an not-for-profit a 501 (c) (3) organization to improve access to services (RDAC)

- Presided over and then advised the Sign Language Association (ASL Club) at Weber State University (An award winning organization!)

Currently I'm an Associate Professor in the ASL and Deaf Studies Program at California State University, Sacramento.

As far as I know, I was the first ASL instructor from Utah to earn certification from the American Sign Language Teachers Association.

Yadda, yadda, yadda... and a bunch of other stuff.

The best thing is being married to a wonderful wife and having four terrific orangutans, er, kids.

My wife, Belinda also teaches ASL. (Though her main focus is writing.)

She was born deaf as a result of the rubella epidemic of 1964. (Whups, gave away her age.  Shhhh, act surprised when you find out.)  She attended a day-program for the Deaf in Bakersfield, California.  She learned ASL prior to learning how to talk.  She has taught college ASL classes and numerous community education ASL courses for many years.  She's a wonderful mom, and a great cook. Once in a while I let her beat me in Scrabble.

People ask us if our children are Deaf.

I tell them my kids are "hard of listening" (heh).  [That isn't a technical term folks.]

The older three kids have normal hearing (when they want to).

They understand ASL quite well and tend to use sign language when they want something.

The youngest, Sarah, is Deaf/hh.  She also has Apert's syndrome. But she is a bundle of joy and energy. (She's a brave kid I'll tell you.)   She attended the Utah State School for the Deaf pre-school day-program. Currently she attends a "special ed" program at a local charter school.

_We share a home in Sacramento, California with several small furry creatures, (that's pets. The pets are furry, not the kids).





New course offering

Tactical ASL

An introduction to ASL for EMTs, Police and Firemen to assess the comunication abilities and then make decisions on the best way to communicate in an emergency.

This course is the first to be republished in mobile friendly format with no Adobe flash requirements.