ASL Learning Games

Copyright 2010-2012 (c) by

William Vicars and John Feagans
Android programming by John Feagans
The signing Android

Update July 8, 2012

1. New version of practice fingerspelling game!
2. Sample 50 question quiz
3. You may have to remove previous
versions before a new install.



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Receptive number signing game

This game starts out slow with short numbers signed on the screen and you type the answer. It progresses through 10 levels to numbers up to 99 million at deaf signing speed. See Bill applaud when you reach a new level.

Receptive word signing game

You choose the speed at which random words from the built in dictionary are fingerspelled. Type the word and enter to see if you got it correct. You can choose Names of people or Words from the menu.

Practice ASL Quiz

Touch the video to play. Select the multiple choice. Instant grading correct/incorrect.