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Welcome to ASL Training Center



ASLU has been offering online sign language resources since 1997.  The program began as an effort to support parents of Deaf children living in rural or "outlying" areas without access to sign language classes. ( The resources at were organized into a curriculum and grew to be quite popular with ASL students, teachers, and interpreters as well as parents of Deaf children.

The courses here at the ASL Training Center are self-study and provide a "course completion certificate" which indicates the participant has successfully completed the course.  Note: The certificate is auto-generated upon successfully completing the course assignments and quizzes. The certificate does not include a human signature nor letter grade.  If you need a signature and letter grade -- that will require a more in-depth course including verification of your signing ability, proctored testing, and qualified review of a submitted video -- all of which takes considerable time and thus costs more ($483.00) see: for more information.

If you are looking for a self-study course for home-school or personal enrichment then the courses here at the ASL Testing Center ( will meet your needs in an economical way. Tip:  Some parents or home-school teachers simply compute their own grade for their student by using the quiz percentages (100-95%=A, 90 = A-, 87=B+, 84=B, 80=B-, 77=C+, 74=C, 70=C-, 67=D+, 64=D, 60=D-, 59=F) thus saving quite a bit of money.


Bill's biography

Great to meet you!


I go by "Dr. Bill."
My students also sometimes call me "Dr. V" or "Dr. Vicars."  (Hey, I'm flexible.)



Dear ASL Hero


I'm glad you are here. You can learn ASL!

Learning American Sign Language is fun and can open the door to a new world of friends and interesting people.

ASL is a living language. It is a visual-gestural (eyes/hands/face/body) language used by members of the Deaf Community throughout North America, much of Canada, and many other places too. (But not everywhere.)

ASL is not English on the hands. It uses a different grammar system. Some people confuse ASL with "Signed English". Much of the vocabulary is different. They are two separate ways of communicating. Some people who think they are signing ASL are actually using Signed English.

Unless you are a young child growing up in a "Deaf household" chances are you are going to have to put some serious  work into learning this language.

I assure you it will be worth it.Let me make a few quick suggestions and point out a few things:




What does a subscription cost?

We have two special rate plans: 1) $9.95/month and 2) $59.95/year.

What do I get with a subscription?

You have access to 5 complete ASL courses and all new courses in the future. Each course is set up in a weekly format with a lesson and a quiz for that week. Additionally, some weeks have practice quizzes, practice flashcard sheets,  and unit review quizzes. Everything is self paced and graded so you can track your progress in your personal gradebook. All quizzes may be attempted more than once and give you the chance to better your score. Browse the available courses and see the topics for each lesson in the courses. There are Android applications for your phone or tablet that you can download and take on the go.

IMPORTANT see Troubleshooting, How to Cancel in this article...


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Tactical ASL

An introduction to ASL for EMTs, Police and Firemen to assess the comunication abilities and then make decisions on the best way to communicate in an emergency.

This course is the first to be republished in mobile friendly format with no Adobe flash requirements.