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Tactical ASL: Topics

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Section 1

Lesson 1

Assessing the situation of how best to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing until an interpreter arrives.
Section 2

Lesson 2

Learn the manual alphabet to spell words even if you do not know the ASL sign.
Section 3

Lesson 3

Learn signs for numbers, telling time, and money.
Section 4

Lesson 4

Basic ASL signs (Part 1).
Section 5

Lesson 5

Basic ASL signs (Part 2).
Section 6

Lesson 6

Basic signs for emergencies.
Section 7

Lesson 7

Signs for law enforcement in traffic stops and property crime situations.
Section 8

Lesson 8

Signs for law enforcement in domestic dispute situations.
Section 9

Lesson 9

Signs for EMT and paramedics in medical situations.
Section 10

Lesson 10

Signs for firemen in life and property saving situations.

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New course offering

Tactical ASL

An introduction to ASL for EMTs, Police and Firemen to assess the comunication abilities and then make decisions on the best way to communicate in an emergency.

This course is the first to be republished in mobile friendly format with no Adobe flash requirements.