How is this different than our courses on

More courses and more material for learning.


First, ASL 1 and 2 have been vastly expanded on ASLTC with more explanation and videos for every example story. There are additional stories signed by native deaf signers. Along with the lessons are 81 new receptive quizzes for ASL 1 and 2 which are easier to use, self grade, and record in your personal grade-book. The grade-book makes it easy to track your progress, and a certificate is awarded on completion of all material.


Second, ASL Training Center has the support structure with forums to discuss the curriculum. Students are also able to Ask Dr. Bill and see the questions and answers to other questions. We recommend you preview a sample lesson and take quiz for that lesson. View the course topics in the available course menu. Your subscription allows you to try not only ASL 1 and 2 but three new courses not available on Plus, there are no advertisements to distract from study.



Limited time offer. Choose $9.95/month or $59.95/year

 Recent comments from our customers

“I’m using this website to learn sign language and it is working out great. I’m not going to any college or university. I work a regular day job and come on here at night to learn and sometimes in the morning. I have recently finished all of the lessons in fingerspelling 1.”


“Thanks for creating an awesome alternative to learning ASL!!”


“I appreciate the opportunity to learn ASL at my pace and ability to continue my studies when I am traveling.”


“ASL Training Center is really helpful, and it motivates me to study more.”


“Thank you for adding the ASL Training Center in addition to ASL University. Between these, I figure it is about the closest I will come to having a class with you or your wife as my teacher. I have been taking ASL classes off and on for several years, but I find that many times, there is a hurry to get through so many chapters in a given time and never enough time given to review. Your videos with the lessons do a great job at incorporating and practicing what has been taught already along with the new. I don't feel like I am sinking going through your lessons. Thank you so much.”


“Highly recommended!!! Brilliant, comprehensive and fun. I'm quite HOH and about 60. I've been struggling to make headway with learning ASL for several years now. I've tried actual classes and just about every ASL online learning site. ASLTC is just what I need!”


“Yay!!!! I'm so thrilled!!!!!!!”

Limited time offer. Choose $9.95/month or $59.95/year


Dr. Bill Vicars, established the Lifeprint curriculum for learning ASL based on his research of 2nd language acquisition. Since 1997 it has been used in high schools and colleges around the world.



Study at your own pace.  Start anytime and use all the material on the web—or download handy applications to your Android phone that you can use anywhere.





Less than 16 cents per day.  You are saved from the high expense of college courses, or driving to your local community college and paying for parking.  ASL Training Center is high quality course material and good value.

ASL Training Center accredited?

ASL Training Center is not accredited. We are not seeking accreditation.


To receive college credit from a recognized accredited educational institution you must contact that institution and make arrangements with them. Get it in writing.


ASL Training Center can provide documentation of your having completed a certain amount of work or having demonstrated a certain level of proficiency. You can print a course completion certificate upon completing all the lessons and passing the receptive quizzes


Some colleges and high schools that have allowed one or more of their students to use the Lifeprint course toward fulfillment of graduation or foreign language requirements are listed below. Note, this is only a partial list. Also, some are ongoing programs, Ballard Memorial High School ,Belhaven College, 1500 Peachtree Street, Jackson, MS 39202, Emerson College, 180 Tremont St. Boston MA 02116 ,Indiana University ,Lamar University, Beaumont Texas , Portland Christian High School, ,United Middle School, United Independent School District, Laredo, Texas ,Pusch Ridge Christian Academy 9500 N. Oracle Rd. Tucson, AZ 85704 ,St. Bonaventure High School, 3167 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003, St. Thomas Aquinas College 125 Route 340 Sparkill, NY 10976 ,Southwest Christian High School 103 Peavey Road, Chaska Minnesota 55318 -2323 ,Utah Electronic High School ,SLC, Utah, Webster County High School 1922 US HWY 41 A South Dixon Kentucky 42409 Plus others.


Limited time offer. Choose $9.95/month or $59.95/year

What does a subscription cost?

We have two special introductory rate plans: 1) $9.95/month and 2) $59.95/year

What do I get with a subscription?

You have access to 5 complete ASL courses and all new courses in the future. Each course is set up in a weekly format with a lesson and a quiz for that week. Additionally, some weeks have practice quizzes, practice flashcard sheets, and unit review quizzes. Everything is self paced and graded so you can track your progress in your personal gradebook. All quizzes may be attempted more than once and give you the chance to better your score. Browse the available courses and see the topics for each lesson in the courses. There are also 77 Android applications for your phone or tablet that you can download and take on the go.

What equipment is required?

A browser on PC or Mac. Popups must be enabled for the site, cookies are required by the Learning Management system but are never used for tracking personal information. Flash is required so we recommend using Puffin as the browser on iPad and iPhone. Look for an announcement on the front page when this restriction is lifted.

Where do I access my courses?

After you are subscribed, you login on the front page of ASLTC. You may enroll in courses and they appear on the front page as my ASLTC courses. Click on them to enter or resume where you left off.

How do I pay?

ASLTC uses Paypal. You can use your credit card through this service or your Paypal account directly.


Limited time offer. Choose $9.95/month or $59.95/year